birth name Alexis Fitzgerald nick names Lexi, Alex, Lex dob / age March 9 / 21 hometown Chicago residence San Fransicso, California occupation wing & beer wench relationship status Single parents Ernesto (deceased) and Amelia Torres siblings Raymundo Torres (retired chef; 62), Nero Torres (chef @ Araceli's; 59), Esmerelda Sanchez (teacher; 50), Marina Elizondo (homemaker; 47), Angel Torres (mechanic; 39), Roberto Torres (NYPD Paramedic; 35), Julian Torres (US Army; 32) vehicle 2013 Ford Edge

Amelia Torres and her husband Ernesto had already had six children when she became pregnant for the seventh child. At the age of 46, the family wasn't entirely sure another pregnancy was the best idea. But she trudged on, determined to add one last healthy baby to their very large family. But they got the shock of their lives when, on May 5, 1983; Amelia gave birth to two children. A little boy, Julian Armando, came first. Sixteen minutes later, Sincerity Marie came into the world.

Already so used to children, Amelia settled easily into the role of mother to twin babies. She thrived on the chaos and loved how busy she was with the babies. They were polar opposites, even from birth. Julian was loud and would cry often. He demanded constant attention while his sister was content to lay and entertain herself. She was transfixed by her world, but she never fully fell asleep unless swaddled in someone's arms. An easy feat considering how many siblings were usually coming in and out of the house during the first six weeks of the twins' lives.

As she grew, Sincerity's personality evolved further and further away from her brother's. But there was no mistaking that they were twins. Extremely close and loving, Sincerity was usually the first to rush to her brother's defense. She didn't care that he was older, he was her family and she was instilled with a strong determination to defend her family. No matter if they needed it or not. As she entered high school, some teachers sighed and prepared themselves for the next in the line of Torres kids. But while Julian cut up and often disrupted the class, Sincerity would sit quietly and do her lessons. By the time they entered their second year of school, she became Julian's conscious and often talked him out of his worse pranks.

Like her older siblings, Sincerity did a wide range of activities outside of school. She loved being in the kitchen and was usually found standing right beside her mother, learning everything she could about food and cooking. For a while, it looked like Sincerity was doing everything she needed to someday work in the family restaurant. By the time she reached high school, it was just assumed that she would finish school and start working full-time at Tio Ernesto's. For a while, Sincerity planned on doing just that. But as she reached the end of her Junior year, Sincerity realized that she didn't want to flow into the family business. She wanted to stand on her own two feet and build something for herself. When high school ended, Sincerity picked up and decided to move down South. She needed a change of scenery and knew that if she didn't leave, she would allow herself to remain complacent. She needed to test herself and figure out what she was really capable of.

Sincerity ended up at Le Cordon Bleu in Austin, Texas. The change of pace was a shock to her system, but she immediately fell in love with the culture that surrounded her. She also fell in love with the music and barbeque. They didn't have anything like it in Tarrytown and she was excited to be experiencing something new. But she couldn't deny that she was homesick and missed her family. Being the youngest of eight kids meant someone was always around and suddenly, she was on her own. She had friends, and a steady stream of guys that wanted to date her, but Sincerity was focused on getting through school. She kept everything casual and loose, loving that for the first time in her life, she didn't have roots. When school ended and she had graduated, Sincerity decided to stick around Texas. She found work at a local eatery that boasted good food and a laid-back atmosphere. Almost instantly, she fit right in and found a small niche for herself. Various members of the family visited often, and about three months after relocating, she learned that Julian had been given new orders. He was assigned to Texas and that meant more trips back and forth between Fort Hood and Austin. Thankfully it was only an hour away and both kids were able to give frequent reports back to Amelia.

Sincerity stayed in Texas for another two years after school ended before she picked up and moved. This time, she settled down in Savannah, Georgia. Amelia hoped her daughter would come home but Sincerity had fallen in love with the South and wanted to know what else they had to offer. The twenty-two year old rose through the ranks quickly in her new restaurant and even started splitting her time between the back of the house and the front of house. She liked being behind the bar, brushing back up on her bartending skills whenever the kitchen was adequately staffed. She was asked countless times by the owner why she always bounced around the restaurant and her response never changed - how else could she run a restaurant if she didn't know how to do all the jobs?

Sincerity was twenty-four when she first crossed paths with Jacob DeGraw. He was the older brother of one of the girls working on the waitstaff and had taken an immediate liking to Sincerity. She smiled and appreciated the attention, but didn't return it. She wasn't looking for a relationship and told him as much whenever he asked her on a date. He eventually wore her down and after three months of continuously asking, she agreed. It was a disasterous first date and Sincerity planned on never seeing him again. He showed up on her doorstep the next night, apologetic and surprisingly humble. Despite the warning bells that sounded in her head, she agreed to give him another try. Their second date was more successful and before she was aware of it, they had become an exclusive couple.

As her relationship continued, Sincerity noticed her social life starting to dwindle. Her friends stopped calling and people started turning away when she would try to talk to them at work. Confused, she cornered several co-workers in an attempt to figure out what was going on. But no one would say anything. They didn't want to be the ones to call attention to her sudden change of behavior, afraid of what she would say or do. Sincerity hadn't noticed a change in herself and when she asked Jacob about it, he claimed they were just jealous that she had finally found love.

Amelia was happy that her youngest daughter was in love, but after her third youngest's visit to hang out with his baby sister, she had some concerns as well. For starters, Sincerity barely had time for her brother. They were never alone when she did have time. Jacob was always there, despite Sincerity's claims that the couple was not living together. Amelia had strict rules about premarital relations and that was one she would not break. The pieces finally came together when the owner finally agreed to tell her why everyone had changed toward her. Jacob had been stealing her phone and poisoning everyone against her. If she recieved a text, he would either delete it or respond in a nasty manor, then delete the entire conversation before she could see it. Pissed off and feeling violated, Sincerity ended things with Jacob.

She expected things to be over quickly but Jacob didn't let up. He started showing up wherever she was and for the next six months of her life, Sincerity was growing afraid of leaving the house. She lost her job because of it and finally made the decisions to leave Savannah. It hurt to be twenty-six and having to move back home, but it was the safest move she could think of. The Torres family rallied around Sincerity and she once again went to work in the family restaurant. Saving her money, she didn't stay home long. She refused to let Jacob derail her plans and make her a victim. So she set back out on her own, this time ending up in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. She found herself an apartment and settled into life, making the long commute home for work in the beginning. She made the jump to a restaurant in Brooklyn about three weeks after moving and this time, Amelia was much happier with her daughter's decision. The entire family was. She was closer and they could keep a better eye on her, in case Jacob found her and decided to show up.

Sincerity bounced between restaurants for the next two years, alternating between the kitchen and bartending before she decided to take the plunge and open her own place. The family was looking to open another business and they believed in Sincerity's dream. She still went through the process of drafting up a business plan and filed for a loan from the bank. Amelia put up half of the cost she would need to get off the ground and after three attempts, Sincerity secured a loan for the rest. The doors to Sin's opened in March of 2013 and became an immediate hit in the neighborhood. It was a down-home kind of place, with a menu that changed monthly. The restaurant suited Sincerity's personality perfectly and she was able to tend bar if she wanted, or get on the line and crank out entrees to her heart's content.

Now almost two years after opening her own little place, Amelia still worries over her daughter but for completely different reasons. The family has stopped looking over their shoulder for signs of Jacob but Sincerity has sworn men off almost completely. She's not interested in the entanglement or the risk of losing herself to a man. She's content with her little slice of heaven in Brooklyn, though it does get a little lonely sometimes.

Number One... ...played soccer and softball from the age of six until fifteen, when she decided to concentrate more on schoolwork. Number Two... ...is extremely active and keeps in shape with boxing, martial arts, dancing, and running. Number Three... ...is obsessed with sweet tea and root beer. those are her drinks of choice. Number Four... ...knows how to cook thanks to her mother. considers the kitchen to be her second home. Number Five... ...isn't a big fan of tv but loves crime shows. current binge favorite is criminal minds. Number Six... ...despite being born and raised in new york, has a big appreciation of country music. most of her itunes library is made up of country artists. Number Seven... ...loves food and doesn't keep herself on a horribly strict diet. in her mind - pizza solves everything. Number Eight... ...loves candles and has them all over her apartment. loves to light them and turn the lights off when it rains.

personality / appearance
PERSONALITY First and foremost; Sincerity is a family girl. She would do anything for them and is an extremely protective person. But she also strongly believes in standing on your own two feet and making your own choices. She hates to waste time and doesn't believe in shirking responsibilities. If you screw up, own it and move on. Don't pussyfoot around. She's laid-back and fun loving. It's tough to make her angry but she doesn't get over things easily. She doesn't rush to decisions or judgement and she's a big fan of cussing and sarcasm. APPEARANCE Height...5'4"' Build...Slender and Athletic Eye Color...Hazel Hair Color...Brown with Blonde Highlights Tattoos...Arrow on outside of right foot, feather and "I Regret Nothing" in French on right rib cage.


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